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    War on Drugs

    • Smoke from Tobacco is Biggest Killer by Far
      (Editorial from the Newport Daily News, April 3, 1987). The news is awash in horror stories about the death toll from acquired immunity deficiency syndrome, cocaine, heroin and all kinds of other drugs like "speed," phenocyclidine, amphetamine and methaqualone. The annual death figure from AIDS alone is about 6,000, slightly above 1,000 from heroin and less than 1,000 from each of the other drugs noted.

    • Chocolate a felony?
      (The Newport Daily News, April 1, 1988). PROVIDENCE - A measure passed by the Rhode Island House Tuesday threatens to get the Easter Bunny hopping mad.

    • Smoking Legislation
      (Column from the Warwick Beacon, April 12, 1988). Some 50 million Americans can attest that nicotine is a particularly addictive drug. Many who have been treated for addiction to more than one drug have actually found tobacco the hardest to beat.

    • Senate to Consider Driver Rolling Papers Legislation
      (The Westerly Sun, June 1, 1988). RICHMOND - The state Senate this week will vote on a tax for cigarette rolling proposed by Rep. Rodney Driver.

    • Referendum One More Complex than its Initial Appearance
      (the URI Cigar, November 4, 1988). Despite state and federal efforts to 1ock up traffickers and cut off supplies of drugs, the drug problem gets worse.

    • Bill Would Ban Smoking in Schools
      (The Westerly Sun, January 13, 1989). PROVIDENCE - One day after release of the U.S. Surgeon General's 1989 report on smoking, a bill was introduced in the General Assembly to expand Rhode Island's law on smoking in public places.
    • Familiar Confrontation Preceded Vote in House to Ban Smoking
      (Excerpts from the Providence Journal-Bulletin, January 13, 1989). In the end, the advocates of a smoking ban in the House chamber won out over the opposition... Smoking is now banned in both the House and Senate chambers.

    • Taking Steps to Control AIDS
      (The Narragansett Times, March 17, 1989). Rhode Island is still in the early stages of the drug-related AIDS epidemic. Only about 10 percent of intravenous drug users in our state are infected with HIV - the virus which causes AIDS.

    • New Law Requires Posting of Smoking Places
      (Excerpts from the Warwick Beacon, July 12, 1990). If you don't see a no-smoking sign, is it OK to smoke? It may be now, but it won't be after December 31.

    • Pi in the Face
      (Column from the New Paper, May 23, 1991). Always great to see more macho posturing up at the State House. The latest tough-on-crime waste of time comes courtesy of House bill 5995, calling for prison sentences "up to twice" those already on the books for dealing drugs within 1000 feet of a daycare center, public housing project or playground. Since current laws call for sentences of 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 50 years and life, some of the sane members of the House of Representatives (a distinct minority) questioned the feasibility of this bill.

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