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    • Suggestions for a Short Semester
      (Letter from The Cigar, URI student newspaper, December 4, 1987). Some years ago, a semester at URI meant about 75 days of classes. But semesters have been shrinking.

    • Teachers' Test Makes Sense
      (The Standard-Times, June 14, 1989). If 13 year olds from the United States take the same mathematics and science test as 13 year olds from England, Ireland, Spain, South Korea and four Canadian provinces, guess who comes in last?

    • Testing of Teachers is a Necessity
      (The Westerly Sun, May 16, 1991). The headlines are familiar: "U.S. flunks out in geography test." "Undergrads lack basic skills." "A rising tide of mediocrity." "U.S. students finish at bottom in math, science."

    • Teachers Not Afraid to Tell Students Bad Work is Unacceptable
      (Letter from the Westerly Sun, Oct. 20, 1991). The "high failure rate" at Westerly High School (The Sun, Oct. 11) may just be an indication that teachers are taking their responsibilities seriously.
    • Why Learning Still Matters to you
      (The Providence Journal-Bulletin, September 6, 1996). In 1983 a presidential commission warned of "a rising tide of mediocrity" in American education. That report and other warnings about the crisis in education prompted bold talk of U.S. students becoming number one in science and mathematics by the year 2000.

    • The Ultimate Pass-Fail
      (Editorial from the Providence Journal, August 11, 1998). We have commented on the appalling results of recent teacher testing in Massachusetts ("The depressing teacher tests," editorial, July 16). But things are even worse in Rhode Island, as University of Rhode Island math professor and congressional candidate Rod Driver reminds us. As Mr. Driver notes, the required minimum score for teacher certification in Rhode Island is zero.

    • Set Standards and Maintain Them
      (Appearance on WSBE-TV, Channel 36, September 11, 1998). Everything depends on education as far as the future of this country goes. And we all know what happens when any competition is held between American students and students from other countries. We come out at or near the bottom. And this shouldn't be acceptable anymore.

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